Bolt Action Brits

Bolt Action Brits

My first lot of 8 Brit rank and file. There should have been 10 but there were a couple of casualties. One fell to my cack-handedness with Warlord’s British Uniform primer (I turned his face into an irrecoverable blob of brown) and another to more general cack-handedness where I knocked him off the desk and snapped, then lost his rifle.

I absolutely love these figures from Warlord. There’s a great variety of heads, representing Tommies of all ages, from very young to quite old. Most show a very stoic stiff upper lip, with a few looking stressed or gung-ho. They have tons of character!

I’ll be getting some more of these fellas done as time permits. I want at least 3 sections of 10 men, with a few toys like mortars, machine guns and snipers.


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