2013, the Year in Painting

Better late than never, here’s my scores on the doors for 2013. It wasn’t too bad a year for painting, given a brutal study schedule and other worries/distractions. Here are the final scores (by game system/theme, rather than mini manufacturer):

Dreadball 48
Warhammer 40
Bolt Action 12
WH40k * 5
Judge Dredd ** 1

So a total of 106, with Dreadball accounting for almost half. I’m fond of prefixing any GW-bashing comment I make by saying the majority of my hobby time and money goes on Warhammer. Well it seems it doesn’t.

Hopefully I’ll paint up a more impressive total for 2014.

* just titting about painting Imperial Guard as WW2 Brits – I’ve no plans for a full WH40k army (especially not Imperial Guard).
** also just titting about – I quite fancy the Judge Dredd minis game, but I have enough games right now.


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