First Go at Weathering – Part One

Starting a weathering blog post with “let’s get dirty” etc. is probably a massive cliché. I’ll do it anyway. Soundtrack: Frank Zappa’s Dirty Love

I’ve never done weathering before and was a little daunted by the prospect of a whole new load of stuff to buy, skills to gain and potential to make mistakes. Seeing a video from Vallejo spurred me on. I’m a big fan of their products and they showed pigments being fixed with a mix of acrylic medium and matt varnish – all water-soluble (a big plus to my mind).

I started with a Humber Armoured Car from Warlord Games. I’d done fairly minimal work on him up to this point: just base coat; ink washes down the panel lines and around the rivets; and a few Allied stars, hopefully in more-or-less the right places.

I wanted the wear and tear to be fairly minimal. That’s not just being a lazy so-and-so, I figured that with around 10 months between D-Day and VE Day, this armoured car isn’t going to be getting too rusty or too shot up. So I drew on a few bits of wear around doors and hatches with a pencil. I’m hoping this will still be visible once I’ve finished sealing the vehicle.

So here’s the armoured car, waiting to get muddied up. Wheels are slightly glossy (Vallejo black’s a bugger for this). I figured this would be fine as it’ll get a final coat of matt before being pronounced ready, though with hindsight the pigments may have gripped a very matt surface that bit better (a lesson learned).

Photo of a model Humber Armoured Car before weathering

Next … get it dirty (sorry)


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