First Go at Weathering – Part Two

(Part one is here.)

I took my nearly-new armoured car, I started splatting on some pigments. Having seen that fixing pigments removes a lot of them, this first shot looks like it’s just crashed through a sandcastle.

Model armoured car with pigments applied

I then mixed up some Vallejo acrylic medium and matt varnish to fix it. The results sucked a lot less than I’d feared.

Model armoured car with first layer of pigments fixed

Here’s another view of the same stage.

Model armoured car with first layer of pigments fixed

I then turned to the underside – and some heavier mud. This time I painted the medium/varnish mix directly on to the model, then dropped a darker pigment straight onto it. I was hoping for a thicker, more textured coating of mud.

Model armoured car with a second layer of pigments added

This was starting to look good! The next stage was to add some more medium/varnish and splat on the lighter pigment from before, as a sort of highlight. As I’d feared the second coat of medium/varnish took a lot of the first layer off – leaving a patchy look.

Model armoured car with final layer of pigments

It’s a bit patchy and there’s a chance that the final layers of varnish to protect it will take some more pigments away, but this is Not Too Bad. I’ve plenty other British AFVs to go, so I’ve high hopes that I’ll get this right one day.

I’m really pleased with the Vallejo products I’ve used. The big, big plus point for me is they’re all water soluble. The thought of using white spirit and suchlike was a big thing that had put me off this sort of thing before so I’m glad to have got these results – such as they are – while washing my brush in water.


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