Astra Militarum That Look a Bit Like WW2 Brits

I’ll never paint an Imperial Guard Star Military Astra Militarum army at the rate of 10 minis in 6 months. Luckily I’m not planning to. Here are the last 5 minis that I started as a test for WW2 Brits about 6 months ago.

Imperial Guard

I’ve got the Astra Militarum advisers left. I’ll definitely paint those up as they’re absolutely fantastic minis. When they’re done I’ll call this little bit of messing about a wrap and get back on with the stuff I’m supposed to be painting – like some proper WW2 Brits.


Empire Army – Halberdier Horde Complete

Painting blue as a change from painting so many shades of brown.

So here it is, some Warhammer! [drumroll] More! State! Troops! [sad trombone]

Warhammer Empire State Troops

OK that’s really boring, but that does mean I’ve completed my first infantry horde. So here’s a team photo.

Warhammer Empire State Troop Regiment

I’ve no plans to ever paint another halberdier and this makes me very happy.