Proper Planning Prevents … What?

This is strange. I’ve started doing something with my hobby that I don’t remember ever doing before; not in the ~2 years since I picked up a paintbrush again, and not for the whole of my misspent childhood.

That thing is … planning what I paint. I’ve got a clear idea of my next several batches of minis that I’ll paint; not set in stone but I know roughly what the next 70 or 80-odd minis to have their turn on the paining desk are.

As I say I don’t remember ever having done this (all-nighters to get stuff ready for a game tomorrow aside). It’s always been finish (or worse, don’t finish) one thing, pick up something else almost at random.

So what? I hear you ask. Well I don’t think I’m getting through the Unpainted Pile O Shame any quicker, but I am more careful about adding to it; in fact, this month will be the first one in AGES that I paint more than I buy.

It’s as if having this clear(ish) idea about the next few months’ painting tasks is making me more aware of just how much unpainted metal and plastic I’ve got and what little chance I’ve got of ever painting some of it.

We’re barely half way through the month, so this could all go horribly wrong, but I feel I’ve got the gamer magpie shiny syndrome under control. Well, we’ll see.

For completeness, here’s The Schedule (subject to change at the drop of a hat):

  • Finish off SECRET THING (sorry to be cagey but it’s a gift)
  • 2 Bren Carriers for WW2 Brits
  • 2 batches of infantry + support teams for WW2 Brits
  • Start Yu Jing for Infinity (at least 9 infantry, maybe the bikes too)
  • Welsh army for Saga (just short of 50 figures, but fairly simple ones)

No doubt a few one-offs will find their way onto the painting table, too. This is a hobby, not work and a few “titting about” paintjobs will stop me getting too jaded with the paintbrush.

So is this odd, or does everyone do this and it’s nothing new?


8 thoughts on “Proper Planning Prevents … What?

  1. I’m very good at the planning part. Horrible at the carrying through bit! Some new project/period/rules always overcomes my resolve midway through carrying out my plans.

  2. I have been doing this for a decade now, at times planning as much as three years ahead. I usually find this helps a lot, but those very long term plans can get one frustrated at times. So I found it always best to leave so gaps for the odd moment that inspiration strikes and you want to do something different.

    • Three years? That’s impressive. Leaving gaps is a great idea. A few smaller runs and one-offs here and there can’t do any harm. If anything a change from painting so much brown or blue and white can only be a good thing.

      • Well, I learned the hard way that at times you need to plan that far ahead if you need a couple 100 minis in elaborate uniforms by a given date for an anniversary game, you better plan that far ahead! 😛

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