Saga Welsh First Batch

Here are my first 8 minis for Saga. They’re the metal Gripping Beast Welsh. Apart from the massive Lego / oven mitt hands, they’re fantastic sculpts; great poses and plenty of epic moustaches. Overall I like them a lot more than I thought I would.

This batch is a mix of hearthguard, warriors and levy, and I’ll do the rest mixed up as well (another 40 minis plus warlord). I’m doing this so I can do different colours with each batch, to get a nice non-uniform finish without spending ages using too many colours at a time.

Saga Welsh Hearthguard Saga Welsh Warriors Saga Welsh Levy


Celts and Sheep

Yes. Sheep. Really.

Here we have most of a pack of Celt civilians and a load of sheep, all from Warlord Games. TBH the civilians aren’t perfect sculpts: the little girl in particular has absolutely massive feet!

Gripes aside they’ve got bags of character and were an excuse to try out a few new colours. Not least I’m not sure I’ve ever painted pastel before – certainly never successfully. I’m quite pleased with them.

Celts and Sheep

Like the Perry monks from a while back, these will be minis for the escort scenario in Saga. The actual Saga army is coming soon, I promise.

Another Actual Brit

And rounding off today’s blogspaff, here’s an air observer from Warlord Games. From battle reports he seems somewhat unreliable (the 1 in 6 chance of a disaster seems to come up 9 times out of 10) but airstrikes look too hilarious to ignore.

Bolt Action Air Observer

I’m a couple of Bren Carriers away from completing phase one of my Bolt Action late war Brits. More soon.

Another Astra Militarum That Looks a Bit Like WW2 Brits*

* for a given value of “looks like”.

I’m maybe pushing the “look like WW2 Brits” angle with the Officer of the Fleet, but I like this fella anyway. As I was painting up an air observer for the actual WW2 Brits, I’ve given him an RAF coat, while the rest of his uniform’s white. If anyone knows of this being a genuine WW2 uniform, please let me know – though I’ll not hold my breath.

Authenticity aside, I like this chap. I’ve little idea of what he does for the Imperial Guard but he is (IMO) one of the best minis GW ever released. Ever. He’s unusual enough to stand out in a khaki-clad Astra Militarum horde – and has a great expression of disdain on his face. And not a skull to be seen!

Astra Militarum Officer of the Fleet

Again, I’ve no plans to turn this into an army but I’ll paint up the rest of the advisers for larks. They’re superb figures.