More WW1 Brits

Another six rifles, plus an NCO to finish off my first section. I also did a couple of officers.

WW1 Brits

WW1 Brit NCO and Officers


Scottish Knight

Another one-off, another freebie from Wargames Foundry. This fellow’s a Scottish Knight from the battle of Otterburn. Yes it’s more shades of brown but he was good practice and he’s a great mini. Thanks Foundry!

Scottish Knight Scottish Knight

Dreadball MVP: Buzzcut

Something rarely seen on this blog: really bright colours!

Buzzcut is an MVP for Dreadball from Mantic Games. This means he’s a freelance/mercenary who’ll play for whichever team can afford him.

Dreadball mini Buzzcut

Dreadball mini Buzzcut

I’ve recently started playing in a league with mates and will play at the Mantic open day in November, so there could be a bit of a Dreadball revival on the way.