Saga – the Cabbage Wagon!

Latest from the painting desk: a cabbage wagon for my growing Saga army. The wagon itself is from Warlord Games, while the cabbages are sculpted from greenstuff. The idea was shamelessly stolen from the incredibly talented JAK, who has converted up an astonishing Discworld-themed Empire army over on the Warhammer Empire Forum.

Cabbage Wagon

Cabbage Wagon

Cabbage Wagon

Cabbage Wagon

Cabbage Wagon

Cabbage Wagon

Cabbage Wagon

Cabbage Wagon


4 thoughts on “Saga – the Cabbage Wagon!

  1. Hi Somegeezer –Hope you’re OK – you seem to have followed my lead and gone AWOL from Warhammer-Empire.

    Thanks for the acknowledgement – I’m glad to see my work inspired you.
    The cabbages look great but a little too perfect – you need a caterpillar or that Bretonnian snail to finish it off. It’s definitely a one off in modelling terms.

    • Thanks JAK. I’m proud of my cabbage wagon, but it’s definitely a case of standing on the shoulders of giants (yours in this particular metaphor). I am having a hiatus from the Empire forum. It’s a great source of inspiration but while waiting to see what happens with End TImes and 9th, I find my attention is drawn elsewhere.

      It’s good to hear from you and I hope you are well. Many thanks for the inspiration!

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