Empire Warrior Priest

I’ve hit a bit of a block to my painting lately. I’m hoping having painted this fella in a day will kick this block firmly in the arse.

Empire Warrior Priest


Perry Miniatures Peasants and Priest

I did these a while back, but sat on them (not literally) for a bit. So why the cloak and dagger?

Every year the Warhammer Empire forum has a Pleasant Surprise event – and around 50 of us play. What happens is I get allocated a forum member, then paint/convert/scratchbuild something for their army and someone else does the same for me.

This year I drew a guy called Arjun, whose army I adore. He’s using historical minis for his Empire (one of those ideas I wish I’d had). This was the perfect excuse to paint up some Perry Miniatures.

First up I painted up a few peasants to bulk up his militia.

Perry Miniatures Peasants

Then a priest, who I think (despite looking a lot like Graham Chapman in LIfe of Brian) would make a great Light wizard. I’m particularly chuffed with this one.

Perry Miniatures Priest

It’s a great thing the forum does. I get to paint something a little out of the ordinary, aiming for a slightly higher standard than I’d bother with on my own stuff. Best of all there’s the thought of someone playing with my figs on the other side of the world with a cool tale to tell (oh this guy? I got this from a guy in the UK …).

I hope my efforts are worthy of including in Arjun’s fantastic army and I love these Perry minis. I must find an excuse to paint a load more.

War of the Roses Lancastrian army anyone?

Witch Hunter

Witch Hunter Witch Hunter Witch Hunter

I think this fella’s from the old Mordheim range. I painted him a while ago for someone on Warhammer Empire – someone who sadly disappeared from the fourm – so now he’s mine. This explains why he’s an Ostlander in an largely Middenheim army (also why I’ve put in a bit more effort with the paintbrush).

He has a severed head. Look at the severed head!