Wars of the Roses Men at Arms

It’s been a while, gentle reader. Exams got the better of my desire to pick up a paintbrush, but they’re over for now. Today I offer the first batch for the big project for the rest of this year: two retinues for the Wars of the Roses.

Warwick and his Bodyguard

Warwick and his Bodyguard

These are from Perry Miniatures – mostly the Foot Knights box set, though Warwick (front and centre) is metal, from their Yorkist command blister. They are gorgeous minis; possibly the finest historical minis I’ve ever painted. If their Wars of the Roses infantry box is up to this standard, I’m going to have a lot of fun with this project.

The plan is to start with two retinues for Lion Rampant Osprey’s splendid-looking medieval skirmish rules (so 40-50 minis per side), then maybe build from that, to a larger battle ruleset.