Saga Welsh Infantry Finished!

At long. long last I’ve finished the Welsh infantry! This last batch takes me to 12 hearthguard, 24 warriors, 12 levy. Add in the warlord and bard (from this batch) and that’s a nice, round 50 minis. Here are the latest.

Hearthguard and Bard

Hearthguard and Bard

Warriors and Levy

Warriors and Levy

I still have work to do on this army. I want a couple of points of mounted hearthguard to give me even more options but this is a good milestone and a good point to take a short break from the dark ages. I’ll post a team photo of my army so far, later this week.



Saga Welsh More Boyos

Batch #2 of the Dark Ages Welsh from Gripping Beast. This time including the Warlord.

Saga Welsh Warlord and Hearthguard

Warlord and Hearthguard

Saga Welsh Warriors and Levy

Warriors and Levy

Saga Welsh Team Photo

Team Photo

Warlord aside it’s the same drill as before. A mix of all three troop types with similar colours. They ought to look appropriately motley once I’ve finished.

Yes that is a bunny on the Warlord’s base; no I can’t explain why.

Saga Welsh First Batch

Here are my first 8 minis for Saga. They’re the metal Gripping Beast Welsh. Apart from the massive Lego / oven mitt hands, they’re fantastic sculpts; great poses and plenty of epic moustaches. Overall I like them a lot more than I thought I would.

This batch is a mix of hearthguard, warriors and levy, and I’ll do the rest mixed up as well (another 40 minis plus warlord). I’m doing this so I can do different colours with each batch, to get a nice non-uniform finish without spending ages using too many colours at a time.

Saga Welsh Hearthguard Saga Welsh Warriors Saga Welsh Levy